Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bridges burned, doors busted down!

10.30.2011  NCSF Twin Bridges 8K

Changing attitudes and training the spirit
After 25 years, the NC Seafood Festival Twin Bridges Road 8K accepted the first wheelchair participants.  Two crank-wheelchair participants crossed the two Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Bridges to the cheers of support of hundreds of fellow runners.  Their participation dispelled years of unfounded reservations that wheelchairs and runners could not cross the high rise bridges safely together and opened another door for athletes with disabilities.

My teammate finished second in her age bracket.
I finished, well, er, uh, second  in mine (last place as usual).

After the race my teammate (my loving wife) and I extended our running in training for the Marine Corps Marathon as part of Team Hope For The Warriors.

Teammate's training goal:  18 miles. 
8K race-5 mi
Training-17.7 mi
Total distance for the day: 23.7 miles!  Holy Cow!

My training goal:  40 miles. 
8K race-5 mi
Training-41.5 mi
Total distance for the day: 47.5 miles

It's not the miles but what the miles do.  

JK, the other participant in the 8K, completed his first crossing of a high-rise bridge.  He's got the itch now to complete a marathon.  During my training ride I met up with my dear friend, One-Leg Dan.  He was on the road cranking in one of the first Force-R crank chairs ever built.  Five years ago, few in the county had heard of a crank wheelchair.  Today there were three (at least) on the road training and competing. 

The idea that a life with a disability is a life filled with despair is another 'burning bridge.' 
Life with a disability is a life filled with Hope.

Our fundraising campaign, 2008 Miles of Hope has raised over $37,000 to date to benefit Hope For The Warriors and their programs to provide relief for combat-wounded service members,  their families, and families of the fallen.

Please join us in our cause.  Make a donation at

Lets Roll!