Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time to be Proud, Time to be Humble

Today, I finished the Marine Corps Half Marathon at Camp Lejeune in 1:57:17, a feat I am quite proud of. A year ago, such an accomplishment was beyond my dreams. Even after considerable training, just to cross the finish line is an accomplishment that makes me proud. To add the privilege of finishing this event beside some of this Nation’s most revered warriors was truly awesome. But to be honored by running beside some of those who have sacrificed their blood and limbs for your and my freedom is a inspiration that cannot be described in words.

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2008 Miles of Hope

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Those things I cannot achieve
are only those things I cannot dream.

Let's Roll

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tes said...

what an INCREDIBLE time!!! wow!!!
i'm sorry i wasn't there with you.
did you get an award???