Sunday, January 13, 2008

Looking for a good time?

Here’s our tentative schedule for 2008! Join us.

2/2/08 Norfolk Half Marathon
2/15-16/08 Myrtle Beach 5K/Half/Marathon
3/8/08 Crystal Coast Half Marathon*
3/15-16/08 Shamrock 8K/Half/Marathon
4/6/08 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
4/12/08 Jacksonville 10K
4/19/08 Dismal Swamp Stomp
5/17/08 Run For The Warriors
7/19/08 Beaufort Road Race**
8/31/08 Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon
9/27/08 Marine Corps Half Marathon
10/11/08 Beirut Memorial 10K
10/18/08 Neuse River Bridge Run
10/26/08 Marine Corps Marathon
11/2/08 City of Oaks Half Marathon
11/9/08 Battleship Half Marathon**
11/9/08 OBX Half Marathon**
12/??/08 Looking for a nice marathon to top off the perfect year!

*Not sure about this event yet. Still under discussion with the event director. The event director doesn’t want handbikes in his events.

**Under consideration.

Please support 2008 Miles of Hope, my fundraising campaign to support our nation’s wounded warriors. These are the events I plan to complete this year. Every mile that I race is dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces who returned as casualties from the Global War On Terror and their families. I take part in these events to raise money for, and awareness of, their needs.

All the money I raise goes to Hope For The Warriors. Please donate generously. Make a donation at

Read further in my blog...and "Thanks!" to all our supporters!

-Let's Roll!


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cymrusteve said...

Congratulations on your 1:54 at the Norfolk Half Marathon - a new course record for a hand crank so I understand!

I remember cheering for you on the first East Beach neighborhood loop and then on the way back after the turnaround.

Good luck at Myrtle Beach!


Dean said...

I'd recommend Kiawah Island, SC in December. It's flatter than Myrtle.

- Dean