Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Luck of the Irish--Did I Break the Spell?

Shamrock 8K

I've been trying to break that elusive 4 hour marathon mark for months.  A few training rides have been promising.  At Miami I DNSed when I got sick.  Afterwards I really got my hopes up for Myrtle Beach when I beat 4 hours on a training ride

But at Myrtle Beach, it was not to be.  The marathon was canceled because of snow.  At the Crystal Coast Half I was still under the weather with my 'Miami bug' but determined not to make it three scratches in a row.  It was a lackluster job and my most painful event yet.

My training schedule has still been difficult but again, I've been seeing some promise for the Shamrock.  I signed up for the Whale.  Today I  PRed with a 36:05 in the 8K.  My teammate turned in a good time as well but accidentally creased her chip and didn't get timed.  The weather was perfect. It looks like tomorrow it will be great for the marathon as well.

Keep your fingers crossed!

And make a donation to Hope For The Warriors!


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